The following sessions are scheduled for the remainder of the year. You can register ahead of time and pay for the class.
Registration is not complete until the class is paid for. 

Future offerings are subject to change. 

August 15, 2018 
Photo Transfer on Wood with
​Deny Howeth

Back in the days of film, we used polaroids to test the light, what remained was a somewhat fluid negative. Art was born when this emulsion was placed against paper and peeled away. 

With digital being the normal medium these days, we use computer software or phone filters to replicate the effect, With this class we can step back a little and do this by hand which can create rustic style piece of art. 

Use photographs for crafty projects! With an ink jet print and a surface- such as wood, glass, ceramic or even watercolor paper - a little gel medium and some creativity you can create art. Variations could include printing a black and white image, adding an inspirational message, hanging the piece with twine. The adaptations are limitless!

We will experiment with photographs I have prepped, and experiment on various surfaces- you will learn the technique so you can do this with your photographs.

Students should bring a piece of raw unvarnished wood no larger than 5x7 and some photos printed on plain paper from an ink jet printer. 


September 19, 2018 
Nature Inspired Acrylic/Mixed Media with Liz Micelli

Nature lovers will want to attend this Artful Touch.  Liz Miceli demonstrates techniques and tips for using items found in nature and acrylics to create amazingly organic artwork.  

The supplies can literally be in your back yard.  Start collecting sticks, leaves, pine cones, moss, flowers, sand, sea shells, etc. 

Dried and pressed leaves and flowers are easy to work with when combining with acrylic paints.  To do, this press plants between layers of newspaper.  Press with books or other heavy objects. Check weekly until completely dry. Change the newspaper and change if it’s damp to prevent mold.  

Bring all your treasures and learn to create something completely new that celebrates your creativity and nature in a new and exciting way.

October 17, 2018 
Mounting Paintings on Wood Blocks 
with Sally Reed

You’ve painted your watercolor or acrylic.  Now the question is how to show it off.  Using a few finishing products, learn how artwork can be mounted onto birch blocks or panels. 
Avoid costly frames and heavy, breakable glass.  Bring your own watercolor, acrylic, or other artwork. You'll be cropping the image to mount on a 3”x3” block. 
MAG will provide the blocks plus the remaining products to adhere and preserve your work.

November 14, 2018 
Zendoodle with
Barbara Buford 

Zen doodling named for it's calming effect is an artistic form of meditation using pen and paper.   Doodling can help de-stress, calm and clear the mind.
In this class students will learn to create simple shapes, patterns, and doodles  that are repeated to create a beautiful design. 
These designs are totally personal to each person and can be used in many forms.  
Zen doodling does not require any artistic training and no special tools or equipment are needed. 
All you need is the willingness to learn to relax, sit quietly and put your pen to paper.  Zen doodling is a slow dance between your mind and hand.

Students should bring a micron pen #3 that can be purchased at Michael's or from the teacher the night of class.
Teacher will supply all the paper and other supplies.  If you like to work in a journa,l please bring one with you.